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Personal Finance

At Ciptadana Personal Finance, we recognize that with a successful career or business, our individual clients need an advisor who can structure their private investment or financing, help manage their wealth, put together their estate plan and even provide a mortgage for the property they plan to acquire as a home or an investment.  At the same time, as their business expands, it needs access to financing for capital or advice on IPO listing.

Ciptadana Personal Finance will be able to source the best financial solutions for our individual clients.  We are able to tap into our vast platform of in-house products and services.  Our open architecture platform ensures that you will always have the solution that best suits you.  As circumstances warrant, we involve our investment banking, asset management and securities colleagues to provide the best in class solutions and access to our clients.

Providing Ciptadana’s entire suite of banking services through Ciptadana Personal Finance enables us to offer client solutions that have traditionally only been available to institutional investors, that include but not limited to mortgage, mutual funds, securities trading, alternative fixed income instruments and multipurpose financing.

Serving all our individual clients’ personal finance needs is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.  Our team-based approach gives you access to specialists across various financial disciplines.